About Us

We are a 501 (c) 3 corporation chartered in the state of Georgia. We present educational program to the community and raise funds through an annual campaign. We then allocate these fund to other 501 (c) 3 organizations. Tax ID # 58-1995040.

To Whom Do We Allocate

  • Locally to those individuals who need needing temporary assistance. Also to local organization such as Macon Daybreak downtown homeless shelter.
  • To state organizations such as Hillels of Georgia to provide a Jewish experience for our children when they go off to college. 
  • Nationally to organization such as the Jewish National Fund (JNF).
  • Directly to organizations in Israel such as AKIM which helps intellectually disabled children and Neve Michael Children’s Home, supporting a crisis center and children at risk.


Other organizations to Whom we Allocate

Jewish Federations of North America (jewishfederations.org)

Neve Michael Children’s Home in Israel (www.nevemichael.com)

AKIM USA, Association for the Habilitation of the Intellectually Disabled in Israel (www.akimusa.org)

Hillels of Georgia (hillelsofgeorgia.org)

JNF, Jewish National Fund (www.jnf.org)