Hillel at UGA's Welcome Week

The staff at Hillel at UGA is hard at work preparing for the 2018-2019 school year!  The Welcome Week calendar is officially set and filled with events for all interests and ages of students. All students have a chance to meet other students with similar interests and to find their niche in the Hillel community!


Some of Hillel at UGA’s Welcome back events include:


-Bagels and Schmear at Tate Plaza- Monday, August 13

A fan favorite, Bagels and Schmear engages students on campus as they are going to class, and gives students a second to meet up with friends and grab a bite before they go to class.


-Free Scoop at Ben and Jerry’s Downtown- Tuesday, August 14-

Who doesn't like Ice Cream? Hillel at UGA partners with Ben and Jerry’s to offer a free scoop of ice cream to new and returning students.


-Freshman Game Night at Creswell Hall- Wednesday, August 15-

A fun filled evening at the Freshman dorm to outreach to new students in particular and introduce them to all that Hillel has to offer


-AcroYoga taught by Mara Price at Meyers Quad- Thursday, August 16

Mara Price, Hillel at UGA Engagement Director, will teach an acro yoga class on the Meyers Quad. Hillel plans out of the box events and helps students experience new things and reach a little outside their comfort zones.


-Welcome back Shabbat and 21+ Happy Hour- Friday, August 17

 A traditional Shabbat with services and dinner. In addition, there will be a Shabbat Happy Hour for our 21+ students at a bar walking distance from Hillel.


-Israeli Cooking Class at Hillel Building- Monday, August 20

Welcome Week closes with an Israeli cooking class taught by UGA’s Israel Fellow, Nitzan. Israel programming is an important pillar of Hillel, and Nitzan will lead a wide range of Israel-focused events throughout the year.


Welcome Week at Hillel is only the beginning of a year filled with fun and meaningful programs for the Jewish students at UGA. Expect to see more educational opportunities, social events, and social action projects than ever before!


Learn more about our upcoming events here


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