Leadership Spotlight - Harriette Carter

Welcome to “Leadership Spotlight”, where Jewish Federation of Macon and Middle Georgia recognizes the achievements and talents of our outstanding community members.


“Spotlight” currently focuses on the service of our many women Presidents who’ve successfully managed and led the congregations of both Temple Beth Israel and Congregation Sha’arey Israel as well as the Jewish Federation of Macon and Middle Georgia.


Today’s Spotlight Q & A is with Harriette Carter who served as President of Jewish Federation of Macon and Middle Georgia.


Harriette Oliner Carter is a Macon native whose parents and grandparents were very involved in the Jewish community at both Temple Beth Israel and Congregation Sha’arey Israel. The Koplins, Oliners, and Carters have a long history of supporting the Jewish Federation of Macon and Middle Georgia and passing that tradition on to their next generation.  


Harriette and husband Marty lived in Cleveland, Ohio, for several years after college before returning to Macon to raise their children, and to be near family, friends, and warmer weather.


Harriette says her volunteering began in Macon’s Jewish Community and her giving spirit was fined tuned over time with the support, involvement, and dedication of others in the community. “Over the years living in Macon, many well-known speakers and programs were brought in both by the Jewish Federation or the Scholars in Residence at the synagogue.  Their commitment to their hard work and sharing with so many other Jews was quite commendable.  Educating the families and their children about all things Jewish is the saving force for the continuation of our people.”


Harriette’s memories of Macon’s Jewish community hold a special place in her heart. “I remember Rabbi Wallock and his charming blonde wife who breathed such energy into the congregation during the short time he was there.  I remember being the first Bat Mitzah in the congregation and how proud I was to have had his mentoring.”


Harriette says serving as President of the local Jewish Federation seemed a natural thing. Together with Dr. David Frolich, she recalls, she tried diligently to raise the giving level in the community and surrounding areas during her tenure. 


“I remember how we were trying to get more women involved, sharing with them the Lion of Judah program, where they would receive a gold lion on a chain or a pin to signify their membership in a women’s philanthropic group alongside the men’s division. It was an enticement to couples who listened to where all their dollars were going. As a result a couple of new people joined the ranks and helped increase our contributions.”


Upon retirement, Harriette and Marty moved from Macon to Hilton Head, South Carolina, where they had vacationed for so many years. They eventually settled closer to their children in 2011, moving to a community Harriette says has “a nice size eclectic Jewish population” with easy access to Savannah, Georgia, with its even larger established Jewish population.  “We love how many of our old friends frequent Hilton Head since it’s just a couple of hours down the road.”