Leadership Spotlight: Theresa Rosengart

Welcome to “Leadership Spotlight”, where Jewish Federation of Macon and Middle Georgia recognizes the achievements and talents of our outstanding community members.


“Spotlight” currently focuses on the service of our many women Presidents who’ve successfully managed and led the congregations of both Temple Beth Israel and Congregation Sha’arey Israel.


Today’s Spotlight Q & A is with Theresa Rosengart who served as President of Congregation Sha’arey Israel in Macon from 2015-2017.


Are you a native of the Macon/Middle Georgia
area? If not how did you arrive in this area and how long have you
lived here?


Well I am native to the state of Georgia! I was born in Savannah and lived and worked there for many years as a Medical Technology Supervisor in the Pathology Department at Memorial Medical Center. After marrying my husband, a Diagnostic Radiology physician, we moved to Dublin, Georgia, which is where our son was born. We eventually moved to Macon where we have lived for the last 17 years. That son by the way will be entering a graduate program in the spring...time flies! 

Do you have a particular memory or challenge that stands out for you
during your time as President that you'd care to share?


You soon learn that the position is basically 24/7, but I embraced all that role entailed. It's an experience that I will always cherish. With less than 150 membership households, our synagogue was and still is classified as a smaller congregation. This can be challenging on many levels. To cite one example, there is the goal of maintaining financial viability not just for day to day operations but to sustain growth to handle future needs. Fortunately at CSI, what we lack in size we make up for in heart! My special memories will always be of the many people who lent their time and talents to ensure a continuing presence of Conservative Judaism here in the Macon and Middle Georgia area. From numerous fundraising efforts, to regular and special service planning, to our remarkable Religious School and more, the collaborative effort of leadership and membership was truly inspiring to me. 

Tell us about your heroes, someone you admire, or someone who inspires
your faith and why we should get to know more about them.


Honestly there have been many! I have been blessed to have known remarkable individuals both in my personal family and in my synagogue family that have been such an inspiration to me. Though some have passed away, their strong faith, and good moral character has been an example to try and emulate. I recently was fortunate enough to meet and listen to Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor here in Macon. Her story of perseverance and courage to endure the atrocities she did is so moving. Yet despite all that happened to her she has chosen to triumph by living her life in such a positive way with remarkable wit and wisdom.

What is special about the Macon and Middle Georgia Jewish Community to you?


One of the best benefits of the smaller Jewish community here is knowing almost everyone in it! There is a warmth that is felt not only at services but out in the greater community when you see someone.