Terri Anne Frolich - Leadership Spotlight

Terri Ann Frolich (nee Kahn) was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. There she attended the University of Cincinnati receiving a Bachelor of Science, Phi Beta Kappa in Medical Technology.  She moved to Macon in 1974, with husband David, daughter, Andrea and son, Marc.  Andrea lives in Macon with husband, Roland and two granddaughters, Pippa Ella and Golda Grace Biron.  Son Marc lives in Atlanta with his wife Vicky.

Terri served as President of Congregation Sha’arey Israel from 1999-2001. This was after serving as President of Macon Hadassah from 1996-1998.  At CSI she served on many committees and was very active in Synagogue activities.  She served many terms, and as Chair early on, of the Board of Education, teaching Sunday School and Hebrew School for short stints. She served as chair of Membership and Gifts and Memorials, and sang in the choir.  Along with Deborah Adler, Terri has been buyer and manager for the CSI gift shop for 12 years.

Terri says, "The memory of CSI which permeates my mind is the closeness of the families of the community when we first moved here.  At that time all the women would gather to help cook, set up, clean up and celebrate each other’s simchas.  This grew a very close knit community of women and their families.   Everyone chipped in wherever and whenever, supporting each other."

In 1993 Terri received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Wesleyan University in Macon.

After graduating, she was part owner in an art gallery in Macon for about 5 years.  This led to her interests in the arts in Macon, and in general.  Husband David also has a great interest in the arts.  Together they support theater, music and film in Macon and elsewhere.

Thinking about heroes, Terri said that she didn’t want him to read this, but husband, David, besides being annoying at times, is also her hero.  She’s not sure she would have been as active in the various Jewish causes if not for his example.  She has been secretary of the Jewish Federation for about as long as he has been president.  He has also been supportive of her extracurricular activities in the arts.

As of this writing much of Terri's time is spent with her grandchildren and helping, when possible, her daughter in her tea business.  "She makes the best teas I have ever tasted," Terri says. She also enjoys her new hobby, Maj Jong.


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